Your Home Bar Deserves Better

Our Story

You don’t go around calling yourself bold unless you’ve got the berries to back it up. 

White Whale Bold Mixers blend exotic juices and garden-fresh herbs to create strong, spirit-forward cocktails allowing you to bring craft cocktail sophistication to your home bar without any of the pretension. And you don’t need a degree in mixology to make them: just mix 1 part White Whale with one part liquor, chill, and garnish! The result is the perfect cocktail for a classy drinker - but lazy mixer - to enjoy after a long day or serve to your guests.
Our ingredients are simple, too. This ain’t your typical neon green corn syrup bomb of a cocktail mixer, my friend. Each White Whale Mixer is a masterfully crafted blend of herbs and all-natural juices, produced in small batches with Southern love right here in North Carolina.